bedwetting store

The best bedwetting support products to help your day get a little easier.

Bedwetting is a messy business. Hopefully, it won’t last for long in your household, but for some families, like ours, it will last years.

Thankfully, there are several great products to help ease the pain and the mess. Besides the top bedwetting alarms and mattress pads, there are additional accessory products. We have narrowed down these into a can’t fail arsenal of tools to arm your family with. This is your bedwetting store.

Squatty Potty

The Squatty Potty puts your body in a squat position for optimal elimination.

The Squatty Potty should be in every bathroom in America as far as we are concerned. By keeping this product conveniently stored under your toilet, you can prop your feet up putting your body in a natural squat position for optimal elimination.

WobL - Blue 8 Alarm Vibrating Reminder Watch

Wobl Potty reminder watch for kids

This is a great watch for daytime bladder training. There are 8 alarms you can set to sound or vibrate throughout the day and are locked so the child cannot change it or turn them off accidentally. It comes with detailed instructions and colored bands for a girl or boy. The band tends to break after a while but the watch is a great feature to include in your treatment process especially for those that hold their urine and then have to run to the bathroom.

Azland Reminder Sports Watch

Azland potty reminder alarm watch

This watch comes in 9 different styles and sizes for girls and boys. This waterproof watch has up to 3 alarms you can set throughout the day as bathroom reminders. Comes with a 12-month warranty and 2-month free return.

Cucubit Toilet Potty Watch

Cucubit potty reminder alarm watch

This bladder training watch is a great option for your child still needing to be reminded to go to the bathroom throughout the day. Comes in both pink and blue, you can set up to 48 reminders that sound with music. There is no vibration feature that might be distracting to others depending on where the child is. It is also only on military time and the decals tend to wear off over a short period of time. A great tool to eliminate urinary incontinence.

Goodnites Durable Underwear Starter Kit and Refills

GoodNites boys and girls real underwear for bedwetting

S-XL sizes.

This comes with 2 pairs of realistic looking and feeling underwear and 5 disposable inserts. These are a good option instead of throwing out a whole diaper every day. You only have to add the insert right before bed and take it out in the morning. It has a tendency for some leaks if the insert moves around too much, but still a good alternative to a full diaper.

GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear

GoodNites boys and girls disposable absorbent underwear for bedwetting

For XS-XL (up to 125+lbs)

Put these on recurring delivery for when your child just isn’t ready for the alarm or other treatment. Also great to have on hand for sleepovers and overnight camps, or for when you just can’t do any more laundry. Trust this brand to keep your small or large bedwetter dry. This brand DOES NOT leak, fits snug and comfortable and is not bulky like other brands.

Dr Sagie Therapee bedwetting alarm mat
GoodNites boys and girls disposable absorbent underwear for bedwetting