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How to Clean Pee From a Mattress

How to Clean Pee From a Mattress Cleaning pee out of a mattress is no fun task. If you have kids in the house (or pets) you will most likely have to deal with this at some point. No one sets out saying “today, I get to scrub urine!” But someone has to do it,… Read More »How to Clean Pee From a Mattress

Sending your Bedwetter to Overnight Camp

Overnight camp during summers, sleepovers with friends and Outdoor School are experiences that almost all kids enjoy and look forward to. But for about 5% of school-aged kids (3% of boys and 2% of girls), this also causes a great deal of anxiety due to bedwetting. This 5% of kids shouldn’t have to miss out… Read More »Sending your Bedwetter to Overnight Camp

Bedwetting Alarm Success Rate

Bedwetting is one of the most un-talked about affliction for children every day. An estimated 5-7 million kids suffer from nocturnal enuresis on a daily or semi-weekly basis. This is troubling for both the child and their families, yet very few (only about 1/3) of those seek help from their pediatrician. Luckily, bedwetting is a… Read More »Bedwetting Alarm Success Rate

Bedwetting – When to Seek Treatment

Parents experience many sleepless nights worrying about their child and if they should be concerned about bedwetting. Asking questions about why their 10-year old child has never had a dry night or why their 8-year old suddenly started wetting the bed again. There are several possible reasons for urinary incontinence and you can devour the… Read More »Bedwetting – When to Seek Treatment