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Arm yourself and your child with the best informational and treatment books on bedwetting. These top books are packed with tips, advice and bedwetting stories that can give you a plan of action and your child some understanding about their body and why they are experiencing urinary incontinence.

OUR PICK! #1. It's No Accident, By Steve J. Hodges

This book is full of practical information about the possible causes of bedwetting. A large portion of the book is directed towards constipation, the science behind it, and how to resolve it. Because he argues, constipation and bedwetting are linked.  He offers research-based strategies to solve bedwetting and includes charts, graphs, and illustrations for simple exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles for better bladder control. Proven, practical advice and bedwetting stories for treating and preventing potty problems.

#2. Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness, by Renee Mercer

Pediatric nurse practitioner Renee Mercer offers up positive and practical information about bedwetting and takes you through a step-by-step process of ending enuresis for good by using a nighttime alarm.

#3. The M.O.P. Book, by Hodges M.D., Steve and Suzanne Schlosberg

Another great bedwetting story by Dr. Steve Hodges and Suzanne Schlosberg  this book takes you through a 4-phase regimen based off of the breakthrough research done by Sean O’Ragen, M.D. Dr. Hodges argues that bedwetting is caused by one simple, proven fact: severe chronic constipation. This book dives into treating constipation and answers dozens of questions about the pioneering, although somewhat controversial regimen.

#4. Waking up Dry: A Guide to Help Children Overcome Bedwetting, by Howard J. Bennett

This guide is directed at the child and encourages them to do the reading and activities within. Full of tips and information and bedwetting stories about their body and a program to follow, Dr. Bennett has included cartoon characters to keep it fun and to minimize the embarrassing condition.

#5. Dry All Night: The Picture Book Technique That Stops Bedwetting, by Alison Mack

This classic bedwetting story picture book for parents and children provides a step-by-step program for curing bedwetting. It includes separate sections for parents and children. With medical and psychological aspects for parents to study and a picture book for children to enjoy, this book ultimately helps children achieve nighttime dryness.

#6. Bedwetting and Accidents Aren't Your Fault, by Steve Hodges and Suzanne Schlosberg

Another book by Dr. Hodges and Suzanne Schlosberg, this illustrated guide is geared towards younger kids. Dr. Pooper and the wily rabbit are the main characters in this bedwetting story that kids follow as they give information and tips about how constipation causes nighttime bedwetting.

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